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“The traveler sees what he sees. The tourist sees what he has come to see.”

Rent a Local Friend is a global platform that connects people who love to travel with those who are passionate about where they live and have a great story to tell. More than just an outing, we aspire the sharing of local tips and contents, information that will be revealed in no travel book or guide and last but certainly not least the essence of each local culture and spirit. All of this is done in a spontaneous, genuine, collaborative, and interest based way allowing people to connect with those that posess similarities or own characteristics that will allow a full immersion in the visiting destination.

Given excess of information and increasing demand to experience the unique and customized, it is getting harder and harder to filter what is relevant and select where to go and what to do when you travel. Local Friends are also travellers but within their own homes and thus do this homework for you while putting together an itinerary that is 100% customized suiting your needs, interests and making sure to take you to the most authentic and sometimes even traditional little places, guiding you on what and where to shop, teaching about local eating habbits, and showing what is truly authentic while keeping you up to date with the new and noteworthy.

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Local Food

If you are in London now run for an amazing pie at Pieminister!

And Rent a Local Friend for exclusive tips from this unique city! 

“All Pieminister’s products are made in-house with the finest, fresh ingredients including 100% free range British meat. Pieminister’s vegetarian products are Vegetarian Society Approved. And the latest range of Pie Pots also have two gluten free recipes.”

Local Place: Dubai!

In a few years, Dubai has raised more skyscrapers than any other city in the world. Among them the highest in the world, the Burj Khalifa. But it’s worth to take a day away from the big hotels. To know more about the cultural part, the ideal is a walk by the river Creek. Small wooden boats take people to the Deira neighborhood. This boat is called Abra and it’s also very cheap. The cool thing is that local people really use this transport. And don’t forget to know the Al Bastakiya, built in 1890. To see everything in Dubai, Rent Renata!


Local Nightlife

Sirocco Sky Bar

Located on the 64th floor of the Sirocco Hotel in Bangkok, this bar has a jaw-dropping view that only Thailand can offer. At the bar’s counter, the atmosphere created by the changing colors as the bartenders prepare the drinks give a special touch. The must-drink of the house is Hagovertini, named after the film “The Hangover – 2” which had scenes shot on the spot!

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Local Culture

World’s largest Cashew Tree is in Natal, Brazil.

Local Friend Ricardo sent us this beautiful picture. Many thanks!

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Top Reviews!

Rent Anna for unique moments too!
Review from her Visitor Olivia. (:

“Anna, my Brasilia local friend, was such an amazing host! I felt welcomed throughout my time there, and am so grateful that I got the chance to know her. I gave her an idea of some basic things that I would love to see in Brasilia and she crafted a schedule complete with a local food-truck experience. We headed to Sarak Kubitschek Park for some local food and beer, then off to the Radio Tower for a panoramic view of Brasilia. Anna also took me to Brasilia’s iconic structures and monuments, a vision come true by architect Oscar Niemeyer, but she also showed me the lesser known areas of the city such as typical residential buildings with the recognizable cobogo design. My highlight was the Itamaraty Palace, which houses the equivalent of the Foreign Affairs wing of Brazil. From the outside, the building is stark with its modernist touches but once inside, Amazonian gardens and art from contemporary artists hide within. Anna was able to share with me a slice of Brasilia that I didn’t thought was possible. She’s extremely friendly and accommodating, a world traveler with an interest in learning from other people’s culture and also in sharing the beauty of her city. I would recommend her to anyone looking to visit Brasilia. This was my first rent a local friend experience and she certainly made it all worth it.”


Para quem n㯠gosta da folia dos dias de carnaval, uma op磯 foi o Parque da Cidade.

Pic from Dênio Simões


Vahit takes you to corners you’ll never discover on your own. He will explain the history of the city, both the past but also the present, with events he has witnessed himself and interesting anecdotes. He is certainly a walking enciclopedia and has good contacts in the restauration branch. An excellent Local Friend choice!

Make sure to rent Vahit when you go to Istanbul! 

“O Vahit te leva a cantos que você nunca vai descobrir sozinho. Ele vai explicar a história a cidade, o passado e o presente, com eventos que ele mesmo testemunhou e anedotas interessantes. Ele certamente é uma enciclopédia ambulante e tem bons contatos no ramo de restaurantes. Uma excelente escolha de Local Friend!”

Não deixe de alugar o Vahit quando você for a Istambul! 


Berlin: The mix of modern and old.

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the city has modernized. A good example is the Potsdamer Platz, which has existed since the 19th century. Because of the 2nd World War and the wall, the space was completely devastated. In 1989, the square made a comeback and is now a leisure center with large mirrored buildings, cinemas and restaurants. On the other hand, the city, which has many stories to tell, is full of museums. To remind a bit of the past, stroll down the Kurfürstendamm boulevard, where it’s the Gedächtniskirche, known as the Broken Church. In fact, what remained was only part of the building destroyed in the 2nd World War. But the ruins were not taken from there in an act of memory. Local Friends in Berlin! 

Após a queda do Muro de Berlim, a cidade se modernizou. Um bom exemplo é a Potsdamer Platz, que existe desde o século 19. Por causa da 2ª Guerra Mundial e do muro, o espaço foi completamente devastado. Em 1989, a praça fez um “retorno” e é agora um centro de lazer com grandes edifícios espelhados, cinemas e restaurantes. Por outro lado, a cidade, que tem muitas histórias para contar, e é cheia de museus. Para lembrar um pouco do passado, passeie pela avenida Kurfürstendamm, onde é a Gedächtniskirche, conhecida como a Igreja “quebrada”. Na verdade, o que restou foi apenas uma parte do edifício destruído na 2ª Guerra Mundial. Mas as ruínas não foram removidas, em um ato de memória. Local Friends em Berlin! 


broken church

Local Food: Belo Horizonte.

The Brazilian capital of bars could not be left out. Belo Horizonte has the highest rate of bars by inhabitants of the country! If you feel in doubt of which go, Ali Ba Bar is the solution. In addition to the cold draft beer (you can not miss!), the delicacies of Arab cuisine are super tasty. Since 1965, the Ali Ba Bar brings the Brazilian atmosphere with the tables on the sidewalk. Be sure to try the fried kibe, a must! Rent a Local Friend there!

A capital brasileira de bares não poderia ficar de fora. Belo Horizonte tem a maior taxa de bares por habitantes do país! Se você se sentir em dúvida em onde ir, Ali Ba Bar é a solução. Além da cerveja fria (você não pode perder!), as delícias da culinária árabe são super saborosas. Desde 1965, o Ali Ba Bar traz a atmosfera brasileira com as mesas na calçada. Não deixe de experimentar o kibe frito, um must! Alugue um Local Friend lá!


Words from our Local Friend in Rio de Janeiro!

“Great experience! Very good guy. I am glad to have met him.”

Words from our Local Friend Mariana Zurc in Rio de Janeiro!
She took her Visitor Chris from the United States to a Local Party called Fanfarra. This picture was at Arcos da Lapa.

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Olympic Games 2016

We are very excited for the Olympic games! Are you coming to Rio to see the competition? Take a time to check our Local Friend profiles to have the opportunity to meet the city from a Local’s perspective.

The city is going through lots of changes in order to attend the event.

Praça Mauá (picture) was totally renovated.

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